Monday, January 09, 2006

Is there anyone that has had anything posted on If so, what were your experiences -- good, bad or otherwise?

I've considered posting scripts to that site to obtain feedback. Is that a worthy endeavor? Or does it make better sense to send it directly to a professional for coverage?

I would appreciate any insight available.


Drew said...

I've had people tell me that had great experiences with Tiggerstreet, but I've never sent them anything personally. So, pretty useless advice, eh? :)

Hey, thanks for the link to my site (! It's...ummm...broken, though. You have an extra / at the end. Figured you'd want to know. :)

oneslackmartian said...

I think I have my facts straight here:

Triggerstreet is co-financed and operated by Kevin Spacey. I've not submitted anything there, but I have review a few scripts. has had really to reviews and is free also.

Alicia said...

Thanks guys! I've read a couple screenplays, watched a few shorts and have earned enough credits to post. I suppose I need to read the fine print though. There is a screenplay of the month and that screenplay gets coverage from ScriptShark. I believe there is one screenplay that is selected to be produced or optioned, I can't remember which. I am concerned about losing rights to my script. Does anyone know the answer to that q?

writergurl said...
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writergurl said...

You don't lose the rights to your script. You DO agree to let the folks at TS Productions to have a right of first refusal within 90 days of being selected for the Top Ten. In other words, suppose your script got the Blue Star (denotes top ten status) and you were asked on the 45th day after that for an option by a producer other than TS, you would then have to notify TS of the offer. They then would have the right to refuse to option your script, they would most likely say "OK, they can have it."

I've been a member for about a year and a half now and as far as anyone can tell TS Productions has not bought any scripts off the TS website.

The best way to look at TS, is that it is FREE coverage of your work. Keep in mind, these are amatuers, just like you. You may not like some of the reviews but you should take trends and patterns in your reviews into consideration. If one person is telling you a scene is not working for them, it might be just THAT person, if three or more people are telling you they don't like the same scene, you have a problem.

Kevin Spacey has very little to do with the site and has only ever commented once on the message boards... when a moderator had a heart attack... he was told about it by Dana Brunetti, who's his partner in TS. If you are selected for "Script Of the Month", he will autograph a bound copy of your script and it will be mailed to you. Other than that, don't expect him to read your scripts or otherwise "help" in any way. It is NOT a fansite for him in any way, shape or form.

I hope this helps! :)