Saturday, January 07, 2006

On Writing Again

I realized that it has been over 10 years since I have written on a daily basis. I suppose it is more because it wasn't required of me. Now, my primary requirements tend to reside in the realm of family and mortgage payments. I wrote a bit the year after I graduated but have not written consistently for over a decade. Yes, I have written the occasional family update letter, I journaled when Billy was ill and I write training manuals at work. But creatively? Not so much.

So I suppose you can understand why this screenplay is so pivotal for me. Amazing that I now have 10 more years of experiences to draw from. I definitely feel that I've grown as a writer. Now if I could just continue with the dedication. I know that when my grandfather wrote he scheduled his time, not surprisingly, in a very regimented way. My father says that he makes a point of writing every night before he goes to sleep. If I can incorporate a similar commitment and produce a finished work, that will be an excellent start to a new year.

OK - I have children begging for a snack and Billy just returned from the barber... You see how well I illustrate my point about requirements?

More later...

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oneslackmartian said...

Good luck HH.