Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Days... Driftin' Away

Summer is such a busy time of year - the kids are out of school, Richter is in full swing and, without fail, the day job is typically crazy.

Lately the girls won't shut up - and when I say the girls, I mean Grace, Olivia and Cady. For those of you who know those ladies, you know what that means. I just spent a week with my mom in May and that always tends to ignite the writing process. As soon as we are back to school and the dog days of summer are over, I think I'm due for a bit of a retreat.

My theatrical life is still in full swing. Richter Rising Stars are kicking into a higher gear as we prepare for our upcoming performances. Of course, something that was meant to be simple and stress-free has still managed a little mainstage cross-contamination but fortunately the ensemble we've got has the wherewithall to overcome stupid people and outdated traditions.

Next year is already looking promising for directing gigs, as I'm already in talks with a couple of area theatres. It would seem that if all goes as planned, those endeavors would preclude me from continuing on the Board at Richter. Ah, isn't that too bad? *SIGH*

And, of course, I cannot go without mentioning the fact that Spring Awakening won the Tony for Best Musical! Can I call 'em or what?