Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Cool New Thing To Love About Me

I am thrilled to announce that I am co-producing a film with Kevin Bacon and Charlie Kaufman. In fact, this project has earned me my first credit on IMDb!

Absolutely shameless, I know... But a great conversation starter, don't you think?

In fact, my association with The 1 Second Film has also made it possible for the following statement to be true: "Part the time I spent being involved in this film was spent with Mark Ruffalo on top of me!"

This is not a complete untruth. Just locate my name on the list of producer credits posted on the film's Web site.

All kidding aside, I think this is a brilliant fundraising plan. Wish I had thought of it...

Happy Mother's Day to the mommies - and a special shout out to the spec mommies! Part of my Mother's Day treat was an evening at a grown-up movie. We saw United 93 and I promise to share my reaction in another post.

For now, it's back to the drawing board. A few Damn Yankees tasks to tend to and prep for a meeting-heavy week at work that will likely be stressful and exhausting. Oh well - c'est la vie, these days!

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Delicate Balance

I'm a busy person. Those who know me will agree. There a couple of reasons for this. But I'll save that for another post...

Because I am busy I am able to juggle and balance a lot of things. Sometimes things tip the balance and it can be unsteady going for a bit but I'm usually able to right myself and stay the proper course.

At the moment, the two factors that are tipping the balance are the changes at work and the beginning of Damn Yankees. It is going to be an exhausting couple of months but this is where the theory of convergence kicks in: while the commute at $3+ a gallon is a PITA it is a lot of fun doing a show again. So, be forewarned, you will probably hear a bit of geeky theatre talk from time to time and the occasional gripe about work. It's just something you'll learn to love about me. Or something that will provoke you to remove my name from your sidebar links.

So back to movies...

As far as movies go, I don't think I've been to a grown up movie at the theatre this year. We've seen Nanny McPhee, Aquamarine and Ice Age 2 but nothing with a rating above PG. It has been discussed that we might be going to see M:I:3 for a team outing at work and there is a chance that my husband and I might get to have a grown up night next weekend (Happy Mother's Day!). Maybe we'll spend the afternoon at the movies! :)

We did watch a couple of DVDs this weekend (which is how I see most of my movies):

History of Violence: Good film overall. The story was compelling and told succinctly. Maria Bello was definitely deserving of her nomination, William Hurt not so much. Viggo Mortensen was great as the Midwestern everyman with a history. I found the nature vs. nurture subplot interesting, too.

The Family Stone: Enjoyable but not one I feel the need to run out and buy. It has a nice ensemble cast and I find Diane Keaton to be absolutely charming. Found it to be kind of predictable but nicely told. Sarah Jessica Parker should definitely stick to comedy, she does it well. I'll never forget that episode of Sex In The City when she fell down on the runway! Classic!

As for Reality bites: I've given up on on virtually all of them with the exception of American Idol. I was disappointed that Mandisa didn't make it further. I think it will be between Chris and Taylor. If I had my choice, I'd pick Taylor. But it looks like the producers a skewing toward a "rocker." Chris has proven that he has that genre locked but is versatile enough to make any genre his own. But Taylor has charisma and passion that just resonates. I love that! Kathryn McPhee is lovely but it's just not the year for a torch singer. Elliott sings well but he is sooooooo boring to watch. He's next to have a "bad day."

Oh - by the way - I am hoping for a Big Brother All-Stars! I can't stand Julie Chen but I love that show. That is probably my guiltiest pleasure when it comes to reality TV.

As for the writing... well, you know how that goes. The cup-half-full view of the new commute situation is that it gives me time to think about my stories and characters. Now I just need to find some uninterrupted quiet time to write the short that I'm working on. I've also got an experimental idea for a script that I will be posting about soon. Stay tuned!

I'm catching up on blogs as time permits and have a few more postings that I am anxious to put up. However, I now have a 3-year old on my lap that keeps saying: "Are you done yet?"

And we all know what the response to that should be.

So I bid you adieu until it be morrow (or naptime!)...

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Have Not Ceased To Be

I can't believe it has been almo a month since I've posted. I feel that I have been neglecting my friends. :) I will be succinct...

  • Changes at work - (1) learning about them and (2) implementing them
  • Taxes... UGH!
  • Car repairs for both cars (not cheap repairs, either!)
  • Eldest twin daughter suddenly has a lazy/crossed eye -- strabismus (accommodative something-or-other). Hopefully drops will do the trick.
  • Car rental to replace aforementioned ailing car - required for trip to TN. Rental costs us ~$500 and then GAS GOES UP to OVER $3.00 a gallon!!!
  • Vacation (which was lovely, thank you!)
  • The beginning of Damn Yankees rehearsal (both Billy and I are doing it - it's going to a lot of fun but a lot of work!)
  • Two trips to the ER: the youngest of our twin daughters required 3 stitches and then an evening with a ruptured cyst for me! Everyone is fine.
  • Rob's shoot of This Won't Hurt A Bit gets postponed due to some funding issues. :(

As the director of Damn Yankees said recently, "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the show?" For some reason, Daniel Powter's hit comes to mind...

I had a bad month
We're in a big slump
I sing a sad song and I hit a speed bump

...Horrible! Just horrible!

I will post again soon on something moderately relevant. And I hope to catch up on the latest in the Scribosphere! Missed y'all!

Asta la pasta!

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