Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Model of Decorum and Tranquility?

A quick post before I retrieve my angels of chaos from daycare...

As in all professions, I know that there are industry protocols. What I am looking for are the proper steps to take when approaching professionals for potential involvement in a film project.

I have had occasion, over the years, to meet people in the industry. I read once that it is important to leverage every connection you have in order to get your film made. However, I am concerned with overstepping my bounds. If there is a "name" that I would like to involve in my project, is it an industry faux pas to approach him directly with my script and ask him? Or do I have to go through an agent or a manager?

Please forgive my obvious naivete but I would appreciate any advice those of you in the biz might have...

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Fun Joel said...

Responding here to this and your email.

Bottom line... I don't know. Haven't done this sort of thing. I'd say, common sense works best. If the person is someone you know well, ask him or her if they might be interested in talking about your script, and possibly reading it for potential involvement. If it is someone you met once and that was that, I might not even do that. And if someone says no, simply accept that and say thanks for listening.

Of course, if you get representation, much of this will go away as an issue.

Also, you might see if the person has his or her own prodco, as so many do. That might be a way of getting to them.

Hope that helps!