Sunday, February 10, 2008

As I Wish!

This morning, whilst perusing the Sunday paper, my husband was struck by the logo in the Best Buy flyer for the 20th Anniversary Edition DVD of The Princess Bride:

First, off, isn't that cool!?! I know it was released a couple of months ago but this is the first I'm seeing it. We've owned this on DVD for a few years and, according to a pretty amusing review I read, this is the fourth release. It's not surprising that this would have passed way under my radar. I love that the cover reads both upside down and right side up but I think the title logo is especially amazing.

** I'll wait while you attempt to turn your laptop upside down**

What has been on my radar, however, is the once-planned musical adaptation of the film. Prolific screenwriter William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All The President's Men) had teamed up with Tony Award-winning composer Adam Guettel (The Light in the Piazza, Floyd Collins). The talented team began work on the highly anticipated stage version of the beloved fairy tale and a well-received workshop of a few of the songs was held at Lincoln Center. Shortly thereafter, the two parted ways. It has been reported that Goldman wanted 75% of the authors' share of the profits, despite the fact that Guettel was contributing both music and lyrics.

Following the separation, Guettel returned to the comfortable arms of his Piazza collaborators, Craig Lucas and Bartlett Sher, to provide the music for Lucas' 20007 adaptation of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya. Hopefully, he will soon begin work on a new project that will guide him back to a deserved home on Broadway.

I know that many purists have had their fill of movies being transformed into musicals but the adaptation of this witty and heartwarming film has such tremendous artistic and economic potential. Hopefully, Mr. Goldman will take a break from writing the screenplay for Shazam! and pursue another composer. I would love to see what Joe Iconis would do with this classic film. Of course, I suspect that he wouldn't settle for 25% ownership, either.

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