Friday, December 26, 2008

Top Videos of 2008

It is the day after Christmas and we are still recovering from the stupor of yesterday’s excitement. Realizing that there are only a handful of days left in the year, I felt the need to seize a few moments to throw another "best of" list up on the ol’ blog.

Today’s feature? The best videos of 2008…

The following videos are those that kept me entertained throughout the year but were not shot by me. There were so many great moments on YouTube that it was impossible to narrow it down to five, so you what have here a Top 10 list. In the case of video series, I will imbed the link to the first of the series. Videos that could not be imbedded are linked in the title.

President-Elect Barack Obama on Election Night
One of the most historical nights in American history and I am happy to say in unfolded in my lifetime. That’s hope, my friend. Hope.

This tribute to one of my favorite shows of 2008 is totally [tos]some. I loved seeing all the familiar faces and incredible support for this inspiring show. And, of course, you have to check out the [title of show] Show, which was instrumental in Hunter, Jeff, Heidi and Susan’s transfer to Broadway.

Legally Brown: The Search for the Next Piragua Guy
The star-studded series Legally Brown: The Search for the Next Piragua Guy from Lin-Manuel Miranda and Co. is so entertaining. I love how Broadway is embracing the YouTube phenomena and the folks at In The Heights do it some serious justice.

Merry Christmas, Nicholas
The heart and soul of In The Heights is that the cast and crew of the show have heart and soul. This video highlights the classiest move on Broadway this year, hands down.

The Battery’s Down
The trials and tribulations of the multi-talented Jake Wilson come to life in The Battery's Down. This theatre-centric online series comes cram-packed with Broadway guest stars and appeals to the drama geek in all of us. A man after my own heart, Wilson directs, writes, choreographs and stars in this online TV series which highlights some of the brightest composers on the horizon. Now if he could just land himself a big fancy Broadway job. But perhaps that will come in Season 2.

Prop 8: The Musical
The highs and extreme lows of the hate-fueled anti-marriage vote in California are given a musical twist by another star-studded cast. The musical theatre lover in me loves shit like this.

Cubby Bernstein
The vigorous 2007-2008 Tony race for Best Musical spawned the video campaign that unveiled Broadway wunderkind Cubby Bernstein. At the heart of the campaign was underdog Xanadu, the charming little musical that took residence at the Helen Hayes for a spell.

Frozen Grand Central
This video of an improv group Improv Everywhere unleashed on Grand Central Station. Simply amazing.

Old Mr. Drew
At Iconis’ Secret Show at the Beechman a couple months back, Joe sang a couple of tunes and several up-and-coming composers bearing his stamp of approval also performed. Molly Hager performed Michael R. Jackson’s “Old Mr. Drew” which just left me speechless. This video is from Michael’s show Dirty Laundry and is just mindblowing.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
What happens when a couple of Hollywood writers on strike are looking to kill some down time? Brilliance, that’s what.

The following videos are the fruits of my budding camera work and editing skills.

OSP Montage Video
In January 2008, the band formerly known as Old Springs Pike booked five shows at Joe’s Pub. I went to two of them and assembled this video from the January 4th footage. Days later, John Gallagher, Jr. and the band parted ways. OSP sans Gallagher is now known as The Spring Standards and Gallagher performs solo. While both musical acts are doing well in their own right and enjoying their own successes, I can’t say this montage doesn’t make me a little nostalgic.

Jason "SweetTooth" Williams et al - The Goodbye Song
I’ve been to several Iconis shows this year, an addiction that began with this song. A couple of my videos feature John Gallagher, Jr. performing the E.T.-inspired closer to Iconis shows. However, it is this simple version performed at The Secret Show that is is my favorite. Right before they performed this song, Joe invited anyone who knew the song to join him onstage. Believe me, I was tempted.

Isabelle’s Voting Results
South Street School had a mock election on the twins’ birthday. Isabelle first explains what she would like for her special birthday meal and then tells me who she voted for in the election.

Peter Pan Video
My summer was spent in Neverland with my family. I assembled this video for the cast and crew. It reminds me of how magical theatre can be sometimes.

The Bar Song
Another Iconis tune. For some reason, this song breaks my heart a little.

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