Thursday, September 18, 2008

You Can't See Everything

OK everyone, this economy is beginning to piss me off! Why? Because I can't afford to go to the theatre.

It angers and saddens me to hear and say these words. But it's true.

Despite the fact that all but one of the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows I've seen this year have been either heavily discounted, inexpensive (under $20), a gift or free, it is still a costly venture. When you figure in the price of getting into the City, parking and food, it can end up costing in the neighborhood of $100. Multiply that by a dozen shows and we're talking a significant chunk of change. Factor that in with the rising costs of gas, utilities and food and it's just not pretty.

Alicia's world with no theatre. Not pretty.

The other distressing effect this economy has is on the shows themselves. Several shows planned for the 2008-2009 season have been postponed or canceled, primarily due to issues of the money sort. Running shows have been taking the hit at the box office. This is the reason Rent closed. This is the reason I was not able to see Passing Strange before it closed. This is probably why I will not get to see [title of show] before it closes.

My bemoaning the fact that I had heard that [title of show] is papering heavily and is rumored to close very soon was met with this response from my husband: "You can't see everything."

So not pretty. I really wanted to tell Susan Blackwell that she is my hero.

Good thing we received an early anniversary gift from my father and will be seeing Equus in October. Because if I missed that it would get downright ugly.


Esther said...

I know how you feel.

I was looking for a ticket for Billy Elliot in late October and the best seat available was in the rear mezzanine for $136! I mean, $136 to sit in the rear mezz? That's ridiculous. And I'm not spending $300 on a premium seat. That's even more ridiculous.

I just wrote a blog post about buying a ticket to see a play in Boston this weekend. Instead of paying $77.50 for the orchestra, I paid $32.50 but I won't know where the seat is until I get to the box office. I think I can live with the uncertainty, and with the money I save, I'll see another show!

Esther said...

I really want to see Title of Show, too. But I'm not sure it'll still be playing in another month.

SarahB said...

At least you have until 10/12 to see [tos] - will you see it tomorrow?