Monday, September 15, 2008

A Mamma Mia Oscar for Streep Is Doubtful

For those of you who belong to the faction that feels Meryl Streep should receive an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Donna Sheridan in the summer blockbuster Mamma Mia, I implore you to watch this.

Meryl Streep will assuredly garner a 2008 Oscar nod for her portayal of Sister Aloysius, the role for which Cherry Jones won the 2005 Best Actress Tony Award. While I would have preferred to see Cherry go head-to-head with Philip Seymour Hoffman, I am intrigued to see Streep's interpretation of the role.

And if Streep's portrayal of the flaky Donna Sheridan wins out over hard-nosed nun Sister Aloysius, you can expect to hear some loud protestations. And I mean loud!


Joseph Gomez said...

I can assure you that she will not be nominated for Mamma Mia! And I can assure you that she will most likely be nominated for Doubt. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists isn't THAT dumb.

Esther said...

I can't wait to see this, since I never caught the play. And I think Meryl can pretty much order up an Oscar nomination at will.