Friday, March 02, 2007

I Am A Junkie

And my junk is Spring Awakening.

It is 2:00am and I just returned from seeing it the first time. Given the hour, I am going to make this simple: GO SEE IT!

If you have not purchased or downloaded the recording - do so now! Most of the people that I know have said that they loved the music - regardless of how they feel about the production or the story. WARNING: Not a CD to be played around the kiddies... But you'll find yourself turning it up when they're not around!

Next, if you've not already done so, order your tickets so that you have the opportunity to see the original cast. It seems that the leads are in quite high demand so they will likely move on pretty quickly. It is also worthy to note that the entire cast, save Christine Estabrook and Steven Spinella, are under 21. Their boundless energy and incredible talent are amazing. You will find yourself on your feet. I know I did.

OK - I am tired now and tomorrow promises to be a long day but I promise to deliver a detailed review after I've had a nap.

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