Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring Awakening - A Video Lesson

OK - so I tried posting a YouTube video to my blog and it screwed up all the sidebar stuff, so I'm going to with a more traditional approach to giving you some insight into what I predict to be Broadway's next juggernaut. I implore you to get your tickets while you still can. I bought my ticket the day before they did their Letterman/The View junket. It's been years since I've anticipated seeing a show this much... I can't wait!

You gotta love a theatre season that sees Vanessa Redgrave and Angela Lansbury playing down the road from an angst-ridden rock musical about first-time plunges into sensual waters. Ya just gotta!

Here is a video journey for those that have not yet heard of or seen anything about this show.

- CBS Feature on Spring Awakening
- A&E Feature with a performance of the first half of "My Junk"
- Interviews with cast members and creators
- "Bitch of Living" video
- Cast performs "Bitch of Living" on Letterman
- Cast performs "Touch Me" on The View

And a rave review from Zach Braff on his blog never hurts... he seems like a cool dude.

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