Friday, March 09, 2007

Life! Do You Hear Me? Give My Creation... Life!

I was having lunch with a dear friend of mine yesterday and we were chatting about the current and upcoming Broadway offerings. Being AEA, a former BC/EFA employee and a Manhattanite, he is usually pretty in the know. A while back we had chatted about the reading of Young Frankenstein and I asked him if he'd heard anything official. And he had not.

And then lo and behold but to what should our wondering eyes appear the very next day on

The latest official word from the Great White Way...

Megan Mulally will play the role of Elizabeth, played by Madeline Kahn in the film. Kristen Chenoweth was offered the role but declined due to landing a TV pilot. The ever-talented Sutton Foster will play the role of Inga and Shuler Hensley will play The Monster, made famous by the late Peter Boyle.

Roger Bart has been offered the role of Igor, played by Marty Feldman in the film, and Andrea Martin has been offered the role of Frau Blucher. Nothing official yet because their TV gigs might prevent them from accepting the roles.

The role of Young Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) was offered to Zachary Levi but he had conflicts and also had to decline. Rumor has is that Eric McCormack is in discussions.

AND... regarding the issue with the music rights all I have to say is: "If you're blue, and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits... 'UTTIN' ON THE 'IIIIITZ."

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