Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rumors From The Swamp

I am very selective about what news I post on my blog and when I post it. There have been times when I’ve heard inside information and, out of respect for the informants, I wait until the news is official. I feel it is the classy thing to do.

However, when I hear or read something and it is, as far as I’m concerned, nothing more than a rumor, I feel compelled to share. Since I am sincerely looking forward to
Shrek: The Musical, I have been keeping a close eye on its progress. Others anticipating the big green guy’s move to Broadway have been waiting to hear casting decisions for the eponymous role and his chatterbox sidekick. At the stage door for Next To Normal, Brian d’Arcy James was overheard stating that he, in fact, will be portraying the loveable ogre.

DreamWorks, if this rumor is true, I’m still buying what you’re selling!

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