Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Scouting for Girls

One of the "perks" of my job is the occasional trip to the UK. A favorite thing to do when in Great Britain is to listen to Virgin Radio and discover new music that hasn't yet made its way across the pond. A trip last year produced a bounty of discoveries: Razorlight, The Feeling and The Fratellis, all bands that haven't yet made their way to true US popularity. Sadly, my last few transatlantic journeys have left me with nothing to add to my iPod. This time around, I am happy to report, the drought is over!

Scouting for Girls, a three-man band from London, released their self-titled debut album in September. It has since gone platinum and their future continues to look bright. While it was "Elvis Ain't Dead" that first caught my attention, its predecessors, "She's So Lovely" and "It's Not About You", are equally as catchy.

So, check it out and then download their tunage! You'll be glad you did.

Official SFG Fan Site
Unofficial SFG Fan Site
SFG on MySpace


Lucy said...

I like The Feeling and "America" by Razorlight is great, but the fact that Fratellis and Scouting for Girls is on the radio ALL THE TIME over here makes me want to leave this small island, they do my head in. but then I'm a hardcore rock fan, so I guess that's not surprising ; )

Fun Joel said...

Hey there! Don't THINK I've seen your blog before, so I wanted to thank you for the link!

Sounds like you have some exciting things happening in your career. best of luck! :-)