Thursday, January 24, 2008

Told Ya So, Told Ya So!

In a January 16th post, I made reference to a few shows whose grosses were similar to those of the soon-to-be-closing Rent:

I noticed a few musicals with attendance hovering in the 40th to 50th percentile, including The Color Purple, Legally Blonde and Xanadu. However, it was Rent's 54.5% attendance that prompted me to say to my husband, "Rent is going to close soon." I'm serious. I said this just last night!

Then lo and behold,
today's headlines on announced that the award-winning rock musical will take its final bow at the Nederlander on June 1st. This comes as no surprise, really, following the summer's stunt of bringing the original leads, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, back into the fold. Jumping the shark is always a sign of things to come. I predict a similar fate for Oprah's The Color Purple."

Yes, you heard it here, folks, just 9 days ago. No insider information, just a knack I have, I guess. And now it's official. Tickets to see the show before it closes on February 24th can be purchased here.

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