Sunday, August 17, 2008

Never Neverland (Fly Away)

Well, it has been a month now since Peter Pan has closed. The project was a lot of work but it was also exceedingly rewarding. I believe we brought a good production to the community on a shoestring budget and exposed many kids and families to the wonderment of producing theatre. If we accomplished nothing else, it was that.

But we did accomplish more... In previous posts I have also mentioned The Heart Gallery exhibit that was being displayed in the theatre's Geissinger Annex Gallery during the run of Peter Pan. Every night after the show we would gather in the Annex among the faces of over 30 children searching for permanent homes through adoption. Words cannot express the feelings experienced when I learned that 4 of the children from that exhibit have now been placed in homes. Indeed, a little fairy dust was sprinkled on our unassuming theatre in Brookfield. And it is because of moments like that in life that I do believe.

So, I have left Neverland behind and have pointed my compass in the direction of Concord, NH. Beginning in September, I will be spending a few months at TBTA with Jo March and about as much estrogen as one show can muster. In many ways, Little Women will be the polar opposite of the musical about the boy who would not grow up. This is definitely a journey that I am eager to begin.

Beyond September, plans are in the works and announcements are forthcoming... So stay tuned.

"Never Neverland (Fly Away)" from Dreaming Wide Awake by Scott Alan

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