Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Bonus of Sweeney Todd

OK - I am definitely behind when it comes to my posts. There are film reviews, theatre reviews, stories to share, Golden Globe nominations... the list goes on. As usual, there is no time to write. I'm hoping that next week's vacation will afford an opportunity or two.

Among the list of backlogged reviews is my review of Sweeney Todd. Of course, I really feel the film warrants a post all its own. HOWEVER - I wanted to share this little nugget from my outing to the cinema. Prior to the Feature Presentation, they played the trailer for the film version of Mamma Mia! While I'm sure that musical theatre purists with slay me for saying so, I am looking forward to this move to the big screen more than I was to Sweeney's. That is primarily because I just loved Mamma Mia! - jukebox musical fluff that it is - and I've never had a true love of Sweeney. Of course, comparing the two is, really, just silly.

But I digress...

The trailer that I saw in the theater is certainly lots of fun but I prefer the one on the Mamma Mia! The Movie Web site because it has a couple of scene clips, in addition to the montage set against the title song. While I was skeptical when I heard Meryl Streep was playing Donna, after seeing the preview I have much higher hopes. I do like seeing her in more comical roles and that is not something that happens too often. And Colin Firth, one of my FAVORITE actors, is just an added perk!

Honestly, I just can't wait!

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