Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Quick Reaction Post

A "reaction" post... And just what is that? Basically, it's one of those posts where you see something in the media and you just want to say, "#@?!"

FIRST... Randy Quaid suing Brokeback's production companies for $10M because he was told that the movie didn't have any prospects of making money? Come on! Does the man actually live on a ranch in Wyoming? Had he never before heard of Ang Lee, Anne Hathaway, Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal and/or Larry McMurtry (be honest - you never heard of Diana Ossana before this)? Does he not have attorneys? Does he not look at the budget for a film before signing on? Give me a break!

SECOND... Shame on Morgan Spurlock for his behavior during a speech given to a high school student body in Pennsylvania. The question is - why is this the first time he has offended his audience? Speaking as the sister of a woman who overcame traumatic brain injury to teach special needs high school kids, I can safely say I'm offended. Sad thing is that it will likely boost the sales of his documentary DVDs, increase viewership for his series and bump up his notoriety (see Michael Moore's baffoony Oscar acceptance speech).

Sometimes I just wish people would engage their brains and look at the big picture!

And I thank you for the opportunity to vent. Another, less incensed post to come... Lots of project updates!

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