Friday, February 10, 2006

Reactions, Reviews and Reverie

Well - I certainly have been a naughty blogger... I've not updated or read in over a week. There are a few things to blame... Our crazy life, work, the Screenwriting Fortnight and, the biggest reason of all, the delivery of the new iMac to our house. The hugest injustice was that the computer was delivered Monday AM, so the opportunity to play during the week was at a premium. I absolutely love it! The girls love it, too! They run to it when they get home and want to play. As for my husband... he hasn't even had the chance to explore. He's going to love it! Of course, we now have to find Mac compatible software and transfer all our files, which is a project in and of itself.

A brief reaction to the Oscar nominations, which no doubt have been discussed ad nauseum, but I have to react anyway: I am extraordinarily happy that Brokeback received so many nominations. I really enjoyed that film (as I might have mentioned a few times). I'm also happy that Crash was well-recognized. I feel Capote deserved the nominations it got all-round. I understand Match Point is excellent. And politics in Hollywood got its fair share of recognition thanks to Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Clooney. I think George Clooney's triple-nomination is such a wonderful accomplishment. Overall, I'm quite happy and look forward to a good race. Don't feels any of the top "snubs" were really snubs -- Russell Crowe deserves to do a little time for being a brat, Scarlett Johanssen has had and will continue to get her fair share of nominations and Maria Bello will has some choice roles on the horizon that will get her a nod in the future. OK - that's enough for now on that.

As for the Screenwriting Fortnight, I've been working the rewrites for Harvest Home and continue to do so. I'm hoping to have 120 pages by the end of next week. I've finally got all of the necessary software installed so that I can actually get everything synched up. While it is a chore, it is well worth doing. I will be happy to have that rewrite completed. I've been living with the characters long enough. Plus, I've got some new ones creeping into my noggin' and they don't belong in this particular story.

My husband and I saw Capote last weekend. I found it to be a fascinating performance and an interesting story. I think it is absolutely staggering that Harper Lee and Truman Capote lived next door to each other as children. What serendipity! To Kill A Mockingbird is actually one of the books that I was required to read in the substandard secondary school I attended. The book is a favorite of mine, as is the film. It will be interesting to see them again with the knowledge that Dill is said to be based upon Capote and that there are allegations that Capote ghost-wrote some of it. I am also inspired to read In Cold Blood. I remember watching a portion of the film my senior year of high school in a Law & Government class. The teacher was so overwhelmed by its violent nature that he shut it off. Of course, I know how it ends now. Odd, yet distinct, In Cold Blood memory, such as it is.

Oh, and my husband's reaction? "I don't understand why all of the Oscar nominated movies need to be these depressing, true-story types of movies." My husband, you see, is a glass half-full type. :)

So, there you have it... I will try to catch up on some reading to see what's going on in the Scribosphere and will be back sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

in this world of drugs it is actually refreshing to see some of the writers turn to drinking again (smirk).. all good screenplays nominated, I just downloaded Syriana