Friday, November 16, 2007

Even In Broadway's Darkest Moments...

This is just too cool not to share: Cast of SPRING AWAKENING Outside A Dark O'Neill

The recent strike initiated by Local One has left Broadway dark for a week now. As I sit here with my onstage seats for the November 27th performance of Spring Awakening, I am seriously hoping that everyone can come to an agreement. Seriously. Like you have no idea.

This video just explains so simply everything I LOVE about this show. That the actors sang for the fans says a lot. The way this cast connects with the fans and with each other is unreal. I read something about Patrick Page (a.k.a. “The Grinch”, “Mr. Paige Davis”) doing something similar for the kids outside the St. James. These are the people who get what theatre is about. **SMILE**

Some cool things to note in this video (for the true Junkies!):

* That is the uber-talented, Tony Award-winning Johnny Gallagher, Jr. accompanying on the guitar.

* Matt Doyle (u/s Melchior/Swing) was meant to go on as Melchi that night because Groff is off filming a TV pilot. And he is holding his new puppy.

* This is a nice treat for those of you who haven’t heard Blake's Ernst.

* Kim Grigsby is conducting (you can see her pink gloves pop into frame from time to time).

* And I believe that is Christine Estabrook between Matt & Johnny, enjoying the impromptu performance.

Let’s hope the lights become bright on Broadway once again and that these talented performers can get back onstage where they belong!